United Venues provides expert assistance for a comprehensive range of industry- and venue-specific needs. Our level of support ranges from simple consulting to guiding clients along the development path of an upcoming venue to taking responsibility for day-to-day operations.


The long-term success of a new facility is determined by the quality of the concept and planning phases. We offer:

Feasibility Study: Full technical and financial study, based on proprietary algorithms. We verify economic projections and assumptions for design, construction, and operation.

Site Analysis: Detailed assessment, which can include comparison studies of multiple sites to determine the best value based on key industry factors.


Financial Planning

We develop a long-term financial plan, which includes diversified business cases and operational budgets. We provide Sales Projections of commercial rights, Risk Management solutions and Funding Models that include public-private partnerships, leases, management contracts, and publicly subsidized options.


Architecture and Construction

We consult on each stage of the process, including guiding the client’s team, the architects, the construction companies, and all other involved parties on:

Site Versatility: Optimizing each structural detail to maximize the site’s multi-functionality.

Design Decisions: Ensuring planning is in accordance with the market needs and requirements—from fundamental layout to interior furnishings and equipment.

Compliance: Ensuring adherence to all emergency, accessibility, safety, and security regulations.


Pre-Opening Service

Our team can assist with every phase of the pre-opening period and the grand opening. We help put in place:

  • Management Team, recruiting key players with critical skills and experience.
  • Ticketing Providers. We can also help develop a venue’s own direct sales and ticket sales programs in collaboration with partners and/or the community.
  • Policies and Procedures for venue operation.
  • Finance and Reporting systems.
  • Food & Beverage concepts and strategies.
  • Hospitality that leverages the profit-benefits of superior service.
  • Sponsorship, varying from naming rights, to exclusive supply rights, to preferred suppliers and partners.
  • Timetable, documenting each pre-opening phase.
  • Test Events.
  • Grand Opening.
  • Initial bookings. We can secure the first events to set the venue in motion!

Management Coaching

A state-of-the-art venue requires effective management. In addition to equipping you with our proven strategies and best practices, we offer a range of customized services to contribute to your ongoing success:

  • Training Programs
  • Project Monitoring
  • Lifecycle Management Plans
  • Specialized Consulting


Event Booking and Production

The key to a venue’s success is maximizing use of the facility. Along with additional revenue, high usage leads to an increase in unique visitors, visitor spending, and commercial value to potential partners and sponsors. From booking, to marketing, to event production, to financial management, we are the go-to experts in live entertainment.

Programming: We leverage our international network to offer you access to an endless variety of regional, national, and international events and productions. We stay on top of industry trends and connect clients with promoters, sports clubs, agents, producers, and associations.

Event Overlays: Events often require venue reconfiguration and temporary facilities. Our experts help manage these overlay requirements.


Operational Optimization

Once a venue comes to life, we continue to evaluate day-to-day processes to develop efficient and sustainable operations. We offer a range of services to streamline procedures and maintain accountability. We optimize expenditures and ensure that operating budgets are met.


Digital Live-Entertainment

To secure the future of the live entertainment business, we need to open our minds to new technologies today. Innovations in Virtual and Augmented Reality are serious threats to our standard operating procedures. Even during the planning phase, we’ll support you in identifying opportunities, assessing risks, and implementing solutions to face the digital challenge. One thing we do know: the industry will change quickly and fundamentally.